Cheez-Its and I = Fate

See the promo below, brought to you by Cheez-Its:
bigcheesepage This may be the open door to my dreams folks. An opportunity to take a tour of ESPN studios, win cash, and get to guest anchor an ESPN show? Are you serious? WHERE’S THE NEAREST FOOD LION?!?!? Let’s go grocery shopping! Everyone needs Cheez-Its right? I have to win, simple as that.

As a devout and loyal Cheez-It consumer, this promotion has my name written all over it. Since I was a kid, my dad has had me absolutely hooked on Cheez-Its: at work, at home, or whenever I’m bored. They always seem to end up in my shopping cart (and by they I mean 2 or 3 full boxes). What better way to reward my loyalty to the brand? Let’s get rid of the faces on Wheaties boxes and move to Cheez-It boxes! I wouldn’t mind a bit if they wanted to put my smiling face on a box. You know you agree…

Winning this promotion would be a great Cinderella story (1 in 6 million chance) that ends with me making the most of the guest spot at ESPN and undoubtedly earning a roll as a Sportscenter anchor. Wow….what a story…..let’s reflect on that. Where’s the nearest publisher? Time to get that pen and popcorn (yes, thank you T.O.) ready, it’s time to tell a tale. LET’S GO BUY SOME CHEEZ-ITS! WHO’S WITH ME?!?!

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