Terrell Owens…Problem or Potential?

Today, March 5th, was a big day in Dallas Cowboy football history. As of early this morning, T.O. was no longer a member of “America’s Team.” He was cut by Jerry Jones, leaving the Cowboys with a $9M cap hit in 2009 and leaving Owens without a job or a team. So, the new question goes: will the Cowboys have more success without TO and his drama or will their offense sputter with potential mega-star Roy Williams to fill his void? Or, will Tony Romo finally become the leader that the Cowboys need him to be?

However, the most intriguing point of conversation is the question, where will TO end up? The early speculation falls around the Patriots, Eagles, and Raiders. To me, you might as well rule out the Eagles because Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb, and rightfully so, should want nothing to do with a rebirth of drama that was in Philly a few years ago when Owens was around. APTOPIX Giants Cowboys Football And the Patriots? Yes, Belicheck and Bob Kraft could afford him but does anyone honestly think that Owens and Randy Moss could co-exist? If in any realm you think they could, you’ve got to be kidding. Owens couldn’t even co-exist with a set of quality QBs that had no other WRs to throw to. Even then he complained about not getting the ball. With Randy Moss and Wes Welker lined up next to him, he’d get the ball even less. Does anyone smell drama waiting to happen on a game by game basis? And yes sports fans, there IS such thing as having too many weapons…especially when egos get in the way. It just usually doesn’t bode well. As for the Raiders, well….who cares? Oakland is where superstars in the NFL go to end their careers and pretty much fall off the face of the earth. So, who does that leave in the realistic running for TO? If money were no option, SURE I’d love to see my Jacksonville Jaguars make a run at him. Unfortunately, they’re too busy giving the wrong players too much money and handicapping themselves. The only major thing they’ve done right this off-season is get rid of the aging Fred Taylor and slid MoJo Drew into the starting RB slot. But WRs are an untalented barrel in Jax, other than my boy Matt Jones of course. Jack Del Rio, make a run at TO!!! Please!!! The other teams on the radar would be the Redskins (because Snyder could and would buy anyone, including Manny Ramirez if he had the chance), the Giants to replace Plaxico Burress, the Saints so Brees could throw for a few million yards in ’09, and Tennesse because, well, they have no WRs and they have money.

And to end my thoughts on TO now being available to the rest of the NFL, I want to make a point to all those fans out there who are too arrogant and pompous enough to admit that if their team signed TO that they would be thrilled. I mean, come on now. He’s a thoroughbred of an athlete, still has speed, quickness, and strength, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that he’ll produce. APTOPIX Packers Cowboys FootballIf you’re a Redskin fan and vow that you hate TO, you’d be lying to say that you’d be upset if he came to Washington. What a better way for Owens to stick it back to his two old teams in the NFC East, the ‘Boys and the Eagles twice a year, and on the largest stage in football. You fans need to get over yourselves and realize that yes he’s a pain in the locker room, but on the field he’s a monster, a superman of an athlete, and a downright stud WR. If you can put up with a little high school drama, I’d say he’s worth the risk….LETTING THE LOTTERY BEGIN

3 Responses to “Terrell Owens…Problem or Potential?”

  1. Love the Blog, Ricky! When are you going to give the Pack their own seperate shrine (ahem, link), though?

    Ok, so I have a theory that would totally turn the AFC on it’s head and it involves my favorite AFC team (as of last year)…the J-E-T-S…Ok, hear me out, and try to keep up.

    Quarterback Problem: If Brett decides to hang them up (for real this time) the Jets will be in desperate need of a quarterback. New coach principle also applies here.

    Tim’s Solution: Add a little flair…Replace Favre’s 22 int season with a guy who’s averaged right around 9 a season since 2001. A guy who in the past two seasons hasn’t thrown a SINGLE pickle, a single incompletion, or gotten sacked. That’s right, WOOF WOOF…pick him up, Miguel Vickamos. It’s not like Rex Ryan hasn’t had his share of hot-headed thugs to deal with in his days in Balti.

    The Jets proved last off-season that they could be successful in the midst of a media circus, so while they’re at it, they pick up another couple studs in need of Rex Ryan’s school of hard knocks, in T.O. and Marvin Harrison.

    So it’d be a gamble, and probably one that would only work for a season, two at MOST, but if they could get past the media hoopla that would be sure to ensue, THAT would be a heckuva fun team to watch. TO, Coles, Cotchery, and Harrison running wild, freed up by the legs and notorious arm of #7…..it could be like the Saints aerial assault of last year.

    Given their division, especially with Brady coming back, NY has to do something. Odds of it happening are about as small as Tyler Thigpen having a repeat of last year, the Bucs picking a QB that sticks, or Detroit taking me with the first pick in the draft, but if it did? Wow…

  2. Jimmy Dean Says:

    Tim you’re off base here. You’re not going to get a defensive minded coach like Rex Ryan who runs the defense like a well oiled machine and want to put a questionable quarterback in there with no receiving corp. True, Mike Vick is OK but he’s a running quarterback and look where Vince Young is right now. Ryan is more concerned with bringing in his old defensive up and coming stars from Baltimore than to take a chance on a ridiculous pickup like Mike Vick.
    However, I can’t offer a positive solution to the Jets quarterback solution. Looking at the free agent pool right now, it would make the most sense for them to bring in someone like Byron Leftwich (better than you think) or even Jeff Garcia. If they pick up someone like Garcia, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to take a quarterback in the second or third round and have that person develop behind their starter (especially someone like Garcia who can manage a game like a champion). Also look at the fact that Chris Simms is still available and though he hasn’t had much of an opportunity lately, it’s because he has been stuck in the QB carousel in Tampa Bay under Jon Gruden. Grude’s out and so they are trimming the edges of people who they feel don’t fit in their game plan (see: cutting 5 veteran players including the leader of the defense Mr. Derrick Brooks). However, this is leaving players available that the Jets need to start looking at seriously because Kellen Clemens isn’t it and Favre is done for good (at least with the Jets, though I wouldn’t rule out him pulling a Bruschi and retiring, getting released from the roster and then going to another team, see also the Vikings).

    Long, scatterbrained story short: Rex Ryan doesn’t want Mike Vick but should consider looking at some of the other good quarterbacks out there while drafting a young guy to build up in their system.

    Also for Marty, thank God the Redskins don’t want T.O., he’ll probably get stuck in Oakland, if he doesn’t just scrap the whole football things and go join the cast of a daytime drama. He fake cries better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

    Dean-o, OUT

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