Search called off for missing NFL players…

Today, the NFL was informed by the U.S. Coast Guard that the search has officially been called off for three remaining men missing from this weekend’s boating trip off the coast of Florida. Two of those men are current NFL players Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper. After two days of searching for the capsized boat out at sea, the U.S. Coast Guard has suspended, and now called off, the rescue party. The Coast Guard believes that after this long of a period of time out at sea with no fresh water or food, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to battle against hunger and dehydration, stay alive, and stay afloat. The Coast Guard found a floating cooler and an unmanned life vest out at sea this morning, but no signs of the three missing men were found. Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of these three men….God Bless

player1 player2

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