Loving the hated…


Every day at work, away from home, in the stands, even at home…I can’t catch a break. Why? Because I seem to fall in love with every sports team that EVERYBODY loves to hate. Let’s go through the list: the Duke Blue Devils, the Atlanta Braves, UVA, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. At work, I just so happen to be surrounded by an entire building of VA Tech or North Carolina alumni…or it so it seems. Do I ask for it? Maybe. Yes I hang a Blue Devil clock in my cube. Yes I wear a Duke lanyard and use a white-board to keep track of all my team’s success (or lack thereof unfortunately at times) for all the world to see. But I’m just being a fan right? Well, according to most I am. But according to those same people, I’m a fan of all the wrong teams. But hey, who doesn’t have an opinion these days? I get hazed about loving Duke the most, without a doubt. Are people jealous of Coach K and company’s success? I’m sure of it. And people hate the Cameron Crazies…for what? Because they have school spirit and make it tough for the visitor to come into Cameron and get a win? Gimme a break. When your coach notches over 800 wins in the college game, come talk to me….

atlanta-braves-logo-c10053752 jaguars

With the Braves or the Jags, how can someone really hate them? Bobby Cox is one of the greatest baseball coaches of all time and Maurice Jones Drew is one of the class acts in all the National Football League. People love to hate the good guys, especially when I root for them. And yes, this includes my wife. No matter who I’m rooting for if we’re watching a game, she automatically roots for the other, just to be difficult. And yes, this includes my closest of friends. O, you like Atlanta or Jacksonville? Sweet, I’ll root for New York or Indianapolis instead. I know it’s all in good fun but just once, and all I ask for is just once, can someone PLEASE hop on my team’s bandwagon and join the party? You might have a lot better time watching a game with me, I guarantee it.

3 Responses to “Loving the hated…”

  1. I got one you should write about… kind of a response to this teams everyone loves to hate thing: When is it ok to root for a team you hate?

    For instance, being a Duke fan, aside from Duke winning, nothing makes me happier than UNC losing. It makes me feel better.. brightens my day. But in the NCAA tournament, if it comes down to it and the championship game is an ACC team other than Duke vs. anyone, I want to pull for the ACC team. I want the ACC to win, because I hate the ACC haters. So if it comes down to UNC vs. UCLA, or Kansas, Or UConn or any Non-ACC team… I find myself wanting to cheer for UNC. Cardinal sin… I know.

    But that’s about the only one.. like the Cowboys, i will NEVER cheer for the Cowboys. Or the Steelers or the Eagles for that matter. I just don’t want to. With the NFL, it’s not about the conference. It’s about the Redskins.
    And baseball… that’s a whole different thing. Like with the Braves.. I cheer for the Braves, and whoever is playing the Yankees. It’s not AL vs NL… if it’s not Atlanta, as long as it’s not the Yankees, I’ll cheer for them.

    So.. I guess that’s the only team I hate that I cheer for… UNC. Which is ironic because out of the teams I hate, they’re the team I hate the most.
    How wrong is that?

  2. Well, I get the Duke and Braves hating thing, a lot of successful teams over a period of time experience the same thing. As for UVA, they just don’t fall into that category, and most UVA haters don’t like the attitude of a lot of the kids that go there. As for the Jags, well, sorry Rick, they just aren’t that good, so there aren’t a lot of haters out there that I can see. If they could consistently beat the Colts then you might have something!

  3. Well I have to agree with Jenny about not being able to pull for
    UNC, I can not stand the Tar Heels. Being a UVA fan, I had to pull for the Hokies (against all UVA laws) against UNC.

    The Jax Jags are one of the best teams in the NFL. Mojo will be one of the top backs in the league this year. There defence is always in the top 5 in the NFL, no questions about that.

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